Extra Table

Extra Table, founded by Robert St. John in 2009, is a nonprofit organization committed to ending hunger. Did you know: Mississippi has the largest number of documented food insecure individuals in the nation? An astounding 28.3% of Mississippi’s children are receiving a school breakfast and a school lunch, and then go to bed hungry every night.  Extra Table supplies food pantries and soup kitchens with the food they need every month.  Not only is Extra Table filling the gap, but we are also compelled to provide healthy, nutrient dense products to those in need. The foods we provide to soup kitchens and food pantries across Mississippi contain low sugar fruits, lean proteins, whole grains, and zero high fructose corn syrup. While driving down hunger in Mississippi, we are simultaneously driving down obesity by getting healthy food into the hands of those who need it most.

At Extra Table, our mission is to solve hunger. We take that challenge seriously, and— thanks to concerned citizens— we are meeting it head on.

-Robert St. John, Founder