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Mississippi State football coach stars in the Boston Marathon


Monday, April 18, 2016

Boston Marathon-Final-4

Happy Spring Friends,


Thanks to your help and our great success from the annual Mississippi Affairs the past three years — we’re taking another step in helping all Mississippi children.

This year we’re changing things up a bit, and running with it — making the Boston Marathon our annual event.

Thanks to Adidas — our presenting sponsor — the Mullen Family 36 Foundation is lacing up its shoes! Dan and our 26 for 36 team are running the Boston Marathon on April 18th!

With a goal to support children, Dan has been training a year now to run the Boston Marathon – a lifelong dream of his, and his first race ever!

We very kindly ask for your support this year. Every dollar raised will help children in Mississippi live their dreams.

Our Sponsor


Dan & Megan