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The Mullen Family 36 Foundation present $10,000 donation to Robert St. John’s, Extra Table

Dan and Megan Mullen present a $10,000 donation to Mississippian Chef Robert St. John, of the Extra Table on Friday, November 15, 2013. Chef Robert St. John’s vision of the Extra Table to help end hunger and obesity in Mississippi all began in 2009.

While touring the state in 2009, Chef Robert St. John realized the problem of hunger and obesity were connected hand in hand. This tour kick started Extra Table’s goal of reaching out to kids and families throughout the state to end hunger by providing healthy foods while simultaneously reducing obesity. The dedication the Extra Table takes to provide food pantries and soup kitchens healthy food choices is a mission the Mullen’s are proud to support.  Not only does Extra Table provide food, but the food is carefully selected to maximize lean proteins, contain whole grains, and minimize sugar. While reducing hunger in Mississippi, they are also driving down obesity by providing healthy food choices to those who need it most.  With such a high number of children and individuals going to bed hungry throughout Mississippi, the Mullen Family 36 Foundation is proud to support Extra Table, with the hopes of feeding every child so no child goes to bed hungry. To learn more about the Extra Table, visit