We believe every child deserves to be a winner.

The 36

Dear Friends,

If there’s one thing I’ve learned as the wife of a head football coach in the SEC- there’s no such thing as “deserves” in football. If that were the case, we would celebrate undefeated seasons year-after-year and we would never have to endure the heartache of a loss on an occasional Saturday in the fall.

While there is no such thing as deserves on the football field- one thing my husband, Dan, and I strongly believe is every child deserves the chance to be a “winner”. The Mullen Family 36 Foundation was created to give children opportunities to succeed. Our foundation plans to contribute to “36” different charities that individually and collectively provide various benefits to children in need of a helping hand. Our focus is on healthcare, education, athletic programs and the arts. We also have created a Champions Club that will fund scholarships to students throughout their collegiate careers.

We thank you for helping each child benefit from our efforts. Together we can make a brighter future for our children!

Pass it On!

Best Always,
Megan Mullen


We strive to help children receive the best healthcare possible. We want them to get back to their normal lives as soon as they can.


Every child deserves the same chance at an education. We provide scholarship money to give every child this opportunity.


Athletics helps to build leaders and get kids involved with each other socially. Every child should have the chance to play, exercise, and socialize. 

The Arts

Children have so much creativity flowing through them and they need to be able to put that creativity to use. We believe children need the opportunity to express themselves. 


School can be expensive. We provide scholarships to cover some of their expenses.

What 36 represents to the Mullen Family

36 was the number Dan received his freshman year of High school. Playing for Trinity High School in Manchester, NH, Dan won the state championship in 1993. He continued to wear the number 36 throughout his collegiate career at Ursinus College.

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